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Legal Services

You are running your business, playing by the rules, serving your customers. You have been trying to resolve a business issue, but sometimes things just can’t be resolved without taking someone to court, or even worse a process server hands you a fistful of papers saying you are being sued by a rival company.


The last thing you want to do is get dragged into court. Having to deal with lawyers that do not understand your business or how to run a business who are constantly charging you outrageous fees for simple things like a two-minute phone call, three pages of photocopies, or a two-line email staying they are running late to your office.


So what do you do?


Call your New Columbia legal team to represent you. Call a team of business owners who have walked 10 miles in your shoes and who take a business first approach. You pay for real legal work not the fluff that other lawyers charge and you pay to get the job done, the right way.


Ready to back to doing what you do best, while we work on what we do best which is representing you?


Click on “Contact Us” to schedule a free consultation.










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